What clients say about our coaches

Eugene was able to connect and effectively engage with all of us during the workshop. He is very knowledgeable and passionate on the topics of leadership and was able to share his personal life examples as well as others too. He built in many activities during the workshop to bring out the key learnings in a fun way. Great job, Eugene!

Annie Chin

Cluster Director, Southeast Asia, Ferring Private Ltd

I have been to a Project Management Institute Singapore Chapter Workshop on Career Branding with the speaker Mike Li. My objective was to get awareness on this topic. Among what I learned in this workshop is, how to get more conscious of my Career Brand by taking into account, for example, the projection I do vs the perception people could have. Other important I learned is how to engage discussions with C-Level executives online and offline in general. Mike inspired me and I updated my LinkedIn page, make it more aligned with my career branding objectives. In the workshop, Mike was very engaging, humourous, insightful, gave practical tips, free materials and shared real life example. I definitely recommend him to help you on who to get in projects’ of your dream 🙂

Theophile ABBAS

Project Manager, Project Manager Institute, Singapore Chapter

Thanks for making time to speak at our SMU PEELI Entreprenurship Programme’s Fail Summit. Your session was very engaging, funny and with lots of energy. The students were actively listening and participating. It was clear that many of them felt very encouraged to pursue their dreams courageously after hearing you speak.
Toh Jiaxin

Manager, Education Programmes, Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Singapore Management University

I had the pleasure of meeting Mike at his Supercharge your LinkedIn journey workshop and found that the focus of the workshop was very different from those that I had attended. Mike shared insights from his personal experiences and observations using LinkedIn which could also be applied to other social media platforms as it was about creating meaningful connections. In particular, I liked the easy-to-remember 3A formula when commenting to add value to others. I would highly recommend Mike’s LinkedIn courses to anyone seeking to improve and create meaningful relationship in the platform. It will be worth your time for sure.

Leo Tan

Assistant Director, NTU

I attended Mike’s Supercharge Your Linkedin Journey and I must say it’s different from others that I have attended!Mike is a great presenter and very engaging! Highly recommendanyone who’s looking to advance their Linkedin journey to attendhis workshop!

Dennis Chan

Principal Career Coach, Workforce Singapore

We found Eugene’s team building to be very helpful as many of our participants are very focus in his fun and quality teaching. He is able to make the group stay energize and create many role play and games that are inspiring for my team to rethink again on how to collaborate, compromise and influence in team working. He is very dynamic and able to share many real life experiences relating to our topic of team building. Our team members are already asking me if next year we can ask Eugene to give us more trainings on different topics as they really enjoyed and like him to continue to be our trainer for the future trainings. Thanks to Eugene for his great work done for our team in Besi Singapore Pte Ltd


HR manager, Besi Singapore Pte Ltd

Eugene is simply one of the best sales trainers I’ve seen. He is very engaging and motivational, and led a very fun and effective sales workshop. We appreciated the many role-plays, games and competitions that he created, which provided opportunities for us to practise what we learnt. Eugene also provided on-the-spot coaching to each participant to improve our sales techniques. I highly recommend him for any company that wants an effective and impactful workshop to change sales staff mindset and sales performance.

May Lyn


Back in 2017, I got acquainted with Eugene Seah and Mike Li and started attending their Personal Branding workshops.

I am drawn by their creative and refreshing way of coaching. I must say that their trainings have helped me, a newbie in personal branding, to discover my own message and how to deliver my message and value to the right audience.
Thanks to their empowering workshops, I was awarded the “GOLD Achiever” in the Singapore property industry for the months of May and June 2019
If you seriously want the breakthrough you have been desperate for or you want proven practical strategies in the area of personal branding, please seek out these two gentleman.

David Cheong


Concurrence from the team – training was well delivered, with lots of engagement with participants, ie very interactive and fun. The role play and scenarios shared were very relatable, which makes it so much easier for the participants to appreciate. Importantly, we met our learning objective for this training.
Fiona Li

HR Director, Richland Logistics

My team and I found your session to be engaging, constructive and knowledgeable and we greatly benefitted from the session.

Prior to the session,  your openness and willingness to consider our feedback and suggestions was also very helpful in ensuring the session was meaningful and effective for us.

My team and I like the flexibility of your program.  You were mindful of some participants who were more Mandarin speaking and explained some of the terminologies in Chinese. 

Also, the activities you planned for the session were constructive and helped to explain the concepts well.

I was particularly touched by your personal sharing of your struggles and how you overcome them.  It is reality and also encouraging.  The 3 I model  ( Initiative, Influence and Improve) was also useful and easy to understand. 

What I like most is your ability to conceptualise our vision and plans into a word, Shepherd which makes it easy for us to remember.  

On the whole, you facilitated the session very skillfully and we felt empowered and enriched by the learnings and sharings.

Poh Cheng

Head, Marymount Kindergarten

Eugene Seah is no doubt the most entertaining coach/trainer I had ever experienced. The contents covered for the 1 day creative thinking course were applicable to both work and on a personal growth level. The trends of the digital economy were highlighted with strong emphasis on how creativity affected the market. I was taught on how to build a strong growth mindset and how creative thinking could be applied in problem solving. In summary, the course was motivating, fruitful and entertaining.


ST Engineering Centre of Excellence

I attended Eugene’s workshop on Communicating with Intent. He brought a lot of energy to the classroom. We discussed many case studies in workplace communication, and they were very useful in reminding us to avoid similar mistakes in our daily life.

Claire Li

NUS Enterprise

Excellent content and very knowledgeable trainer. Interesting and stimulating. Eugene made everyone feel very comfortable, able to contribute and take something away. Eugene was also entertaining, whilst conveying key principles and practical tools. There was an element of fun about in course too.

Elizabeth Fleury

Head of Events, Blue Coat

Eugene is an excellent trainer and facilitator. He practices adult learning and applies pedagogic principles to the highest level. He is also able to draw quite and introverted audience and uses colloquial language to good effect to resonate with the audience. I would recommend him as a trainer anytime.

Health Promotion Board

Effectively bilingual, Eugene was very engaging throughout and relayed practical tips in an understandable way. He continued to address our questions even after the course which was a welcomed value-add!


Eugene provided us with a customised programme tailored to our specific needs. his approach to conduct a pre-workshop survey helped to ensure that the workshop addressed practical real-life issues during the training itself. Enjoyed the various activities, the energy and his personal sharing during the session.

Nigel Chan

Group Product Manager, GSK

Hi Eugene, It has been a pleasure for our team as well to have u for our training!The team has provided great feedback to me on the training as it has sort of “open” our eyes on how much we can improve on our CS skills..thank you once again!
Robin Yeo

Team Manager

我謹代表TEAM誠心的感謝謝老師 給我們預備的TRAINING 課程,

上了這課程,對我們的團隊TEAM WORK有很大的幫助及提醒,




DungDat (Vietnam),

Today is the first day I am back to the office after this training, and I feel I am a totally different person after your class! I became happier in work and would like to share more with my co-workers~
You know, I am so inspired by you during your workshop!

I told my colleague that they should be looking forward to their training of cohort B next week.
I would be happy to recommend my friends and my co-work to attend a workshop with your company.

Amanda Wang

Mizuho Taipei

Eugene is an engaging speaker who is able to bring across his points by presenting real-life examples to us. His sense of humour has also created a lighter and more relaxed atmosphere for us, enabling us to share our views more freely. I’m sure I can apply the skills learnt from the workshop in my day to day activities.
Chee Ling

Mizuho Singapore

The Training sessions conducted by Mr Eugene Seah on Competency based interview skills met and exceeded my expectations for the sessions. 

The session provided me with knowledge of how to carry out an interview that focuses on the competency of the candidates, thereby making the interviews more productive.The session also covered how some of the common questions asked are very in effective at determining the competency of the candidates. The session was made very engaging and enjoyable by how Mr Eugene Seah conducted the sessions, and overall a very rewarding experience.

Ahmed Rizmy,

Assistant Manager (Cargo Safety, Security and Standards) Cargo Services, Maldives Airport

“Eugene is an enthusiastic, engaging, and experienced trainer. Through his training, I was empowered with knowledge & tools, and the materials he used definitely enriched my learning experience.” – Brian Chan, SGH

I have written a short testimonial for your workshop “Fundamentals of Project Management” held from 29-30 August for SGH staff:

“The workshop was highly engaging and enjoyable! There was no shortage of practical exercises and insightful information. Thank you Eugene for making the experience so worthwhile – I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone that is interested in sharpening their project management skills!”

Deanna Heng


Eugene Seah is a master at HR practices. The theories and real life examples he gives are extremely helpful and practical. Most importantly he emphasizes on people and not HR practices. My mind is truly opened through his teaching and sharing and my concept of HR management has forever changed. Kudos to Eugene


Founder and Director, LBK Tyre

Very very engaging trainer, to an extent that I would say you are one of the best I’ve encountered so far. You make the atmosphere lovely and enjoyable. The way you guided us through the class is easy to follow.


Senior Process Engineer, Western Digital

From the moment we walked into the training until the last word spoken by Mr. Eugene, his passion to inspire, motivate and teach leadership was more than apparent. The most impressed subject “The Difference of a Leader and Manger”, really shows what real leader should be and to inspire the rest of team to rise to the next level.

Mr. Eugene is truly a man with rich experience and a personality that draws you in. You walk away knowing you are a different and better person for having completed his course. The training activities were professionally planned and run. He gave us a day where we learned more about each other, and of ourselves, than we ever could have imagined.

Frank Huang

Senior HR Executive, Combuilder Pte Ltd

My VIP team enjoyed Eugene’s training very much. He customized the learning points and role-plays just for us, and conducted the sessions in a very engaging and humourous way. He also used both English and mandarin to cater to the needs of the various nationalities in my team. We benefited a lot and highly recommend him to companies that wish to improve their customer service.
Robin Chen

VIP ambassador manager, Star Cruise

I saw Mike’s videos about the interview tips on LinkedIn, so I checked out his profile and realize that what he is doing now is very similar to what I want to do in the future as well – be a life coach. I reached out to Mike and he was kind enough to accept my invitation.

Mike uses his life coaching method to help me gain clarity of where I am in my life right now and what I can do to get to where I want to be. I also managed to learn some strategies on how to manage my money more efficiently. Definitely recommend whoever that seeks life, career and money coaching to talk to Mike!

Wong Zi Shuen

Co-Founder & President, Nanyang Blockchain Association

I was impressed by Mike’s positive energy. Mike always wears a smiling face and this is a good quality to make everyone around him feels at ease. His professional skills as career developer coach and financial planning coach are exceptional.

He doesn’t say much; when he listens to what you say, he is able to guide you to the point effortlessly. His caring observation makes him unique as a coach because he takes every little thing seriously. I was always amazed that he remembers in details about my story and I feel that he does truly care.

I hereby highly recommend Mike for efficient Speaker, NLP Coach, Global Career Development Facilitator or Financial Planning Coach as Mike always makes sure everyone feel important and comfortable. Mike earns my highest recommendation and he will deliver ever more to everyone.

Rada Nichsirijiraphak

Founder, Rada Impressions

I just want to give a shout-out to Mike Li Yichuan. I couldn’t be more grateful to have approached you for career advices. The counsel given was not only relevant and practical, they too, allowed me to realize my blindspots and are thought-provoking. You are such an inspiring figure. 

Most importantly, your heart for people is gold!

Isabelle Wong

Facilities Executive, Shell Petroleum

Mike is a very warm and kind-hearted person. I am attracted by his genuine compassion and empathy for the needs of others. It’s not easy to find such traits, especially in today’s world.

During our coaching session, Mike asked me 2 powerful questions that gave me that boost of strength to make my dream from Words to Action, which I now apply constantly. Thanks, Mike, from the bottom of my heart, for your continuous support, availability for assistance and words of encouragement.

Philip Ang

Technology Educator, SingBiz

I heard Mike speak as an industry speaker at an event. His concept of The Biggest Problem and 4 “I” model was simple to understand and made me realise the kind of mindset I should and should not be bringing into any communication. Mike also comes across as a confident and persuasive speaker, and he illustrates his points with concise and relevant facts. I personally enjoyed his speech and look forward to more of it.

Danny Loh

Manager, Corporate Administration and Human Capital at JTB