How to lead Yourself and others through the power of NLP

With the advancement of technology, it has become tougher to take on the role of a leader, to continually engage and develop talents.

To engage with talents and inspire them to peak performance, leaders must be aware of their internal and external languages to better communicate and lead themselves and others.

By harnessing the power of Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP), leaders will develop awareness and the ability to use the right language patterns to inspire their teams to peak performance.

Filled with experiential activities, games and case studies, Eugene will inspire and help your team leaders dig deep into their challenges and overcome them to inspire their teams to achieve exceptional results.

Learning outcome


The most common misconceptions of leadership


Scaling the 5 levels of leadership


Situational Leadership model to adapt our approach


Applying the power of NLP to self leadership


Leading others effectively through pre-framing and reframing

Training content

Module 1: Misconceptions of Leadership

Through a specially designed game, participants will discover the common misconceptions of leadership.

Module 2: 5 Levels of Leadership

The coach will facilitate a case study discussion to demonstrate the 5 levels of Leadership and invite the participants to share their views.

Module 3: Situational Leadership Model

Participants will enter breakout rooms to share how the skill-will matrix applies to their specific situations.

Module 4: Applying NLP to Self Leadership

The coach will lead the group to apply the power of NLP (e.g. self-talk, anchoring, etc.) to self-leadership.

Module 5: Pre-framing & Reframing

Participants will learn and practise pre-framing and reframing through a series of role plays.

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