How to influence to persuade your stakeholders and achieve exception outcome

For any matter, obtaining buy-in from stakeholders is key!

All winning teams require leaders and members who have a positive mindset and a culture of ongoing motivation. Leaders who choose to adopt a winning mindset to their work will become a force for good.

Based on his extensive regional leadership experience, Eugene has distilled various influence and motivation principles. Through role-plays, case studies and experiential learning, Eugene will coach your team to learn these principles and practise applying them.

Leaders who choose to adopt an intrapreneurial mindset to their work will take ownership and be proactive in their work as if they are running their own businesses. They are able to influence others to do their best, which ultimately results in a more progressive team.

Learning outcome


The 5 common mistakes that erode trust


The 3 most powerful steps to build trust


The DiSC approach to speaking your stakeholders' language


Scoping clear outcomes through the Triangle Model


The 3V delivery method using the power of role play

Training content

Module 1: Common Mistakes

Through a specially designed role-play, the participants will uncover the common mistakes that erode trust.

Module 2: Steps to Build Trust

The coach will facilitate a powerful game to demonstrate the 3 steps to building trust with stakeholders.

Module 3: DiSC

Participants will learn how to speak the DiSC “Languages” through role-play & coaching, so as to influence and persuade others in a shorter time.

Module 4: Triangle Model

Participants will break up into small groups to discuss a customised case study to experiment with the Triangle Model.

Module 5: 3V Method

The coach will lead the participants into mastering the 3V method through a series of experiential learning activities.

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