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Trainium personal branding training
Personal Branding Masterclass

In every industry, there are superbrands that charge a premium, and mediocre brands that engage in price wars. What elements separate these two categories? How can you leverage on these elements to become a Superbrand and increase market share?

Warning: This powerful masterclass is NOT suitable for everyone. It’s specially designed for the few who recognize the critical importance of branding; those who have a strong desire to become a premium brand to set yourself apart from the crowded competition. With a strong brand foundation, marketing becomes a lot more effective and sales become very much easier. Let us help you create a Superbrand.

Leadership Masterclass

Many technical specialists start to struggle and fumble once they are asked to manage a team. People skills are completely different from technical skills. Their team starts to feel demotivated and the corporate results gradually suffer.

This masterclass is designed specially to empower your managers to become influential leaders – people who inspire their team to achieve results through intrinsic motivation, rather than extrinsic threats or rewards. Packed with lots of industry-specific case studies and hands-on coaching, this masterclass is the critical first step your managers need to take to empower their teams towards success.

Trainium leadership training
trainium Sales & Negotiation training
Sales and Negotiation Masterclass

Why do certain salespeople close sales easily and majority struggle? What skills and techniques do they have that others don’t?

This impactful workshop empowers your team to adopt the same sales techniques and acquire the negotiation skills used by the top 10%. Packed with fun and relevant role-plays and case studies, this unique workshop is exactly what your team needs to reach the next level in their sales results.

Let us to help you succeed!

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