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Why should COVID-19 stop your team from learning and growing?

Can’t gather your team for a training because of travel restrictions? COVID-19 stopping your plans to upskill your team? Finding it a hassle to fly your team in to a common place so that they can attend training or coaching?

With technology like Zoom, you can continue to send your team for training and coaching!

With our experience in conducting online coaching and training to our clients, you can have your team continue to upskill and be coached without leaving their offices or homes.

Our online coaching is filled with role-plays and interactive activities to create an experiential learning experience!


Distance is not an issue, we bring you closer and better!

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Becoming a Synergistic and Growing Team

Everyone knows that teamwork and growth mindset is essential for organisational success, but it’s easier said than done. Many challenges exist, including apathy, miscommunication, lack of big-picture understanding and so on.

How can a team increase its motivation, collaboration and self-development mentality? What are the critical ingredients that can help each member grow and synergise? What are the concrete steps that the team can take to move to the next level in efficiency and energy?

Eugene was a fantastic partner in leading our senior team in a on-day mission and vision exercise that he then tailored to our larger Development Office during our annual retreat. We couldn’t have asked for a more responsive and engaged facilitator for ourgroup. Thank you!

Liza Boffen-Yordanov

Chief Development Officer and Executive Director of the Development Office, Nanyang Technological University

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Manage, Motivate and Lead a Winning Team

All winning teams require leaders and members who have a positive mindset and a culture of ongoing motivation. The leaders who choose to adopt a winning mindset to his work will become a force for good, influence others to do their best, which ultimately results in a more progressive organisation.

Trainium Academy has distilled leadership principles into the 4i model to help individuals become an inspirational leader for greater team effectiveness.

I met Eugene through a leadership workshop organised by my Bank for new promotees of AVP rank and above recently.

During the two days’ workshop, Eugene equipped the class with a lot of useful skills and concepts that helped prepare us to become leaders of tomorrow.

He’s witty, charismatic and is always filled with an abundance of energy! He’s also a highly effective, creative and influential speaker who never fails to capture the attention of his audience with his inspiring speech.

I would love to attend Eugene’s talk/ seminar whenever there is an opportunity again. Cheers, Eugene

Tracy Wu

AVP, Mizuho Bank

Trainium personal branding training

Supercharging Your Sales through the Power of NLP

The ability to effectively influence and persuade lies at the heart of our personal and professional lives, especially for your sales team.  The capacity to persuade is the key to sales success; whether the goal is to convince one person in a face-to-face encounter, influence a group in a meeting, sway an entire organisation, or win over the broader community.
This program is based on proven principles and techniques of effective persuasion derived from the psychology of human behaviour and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

Eugene’s telesales course have made a significant positive impact on my Tele-Customer Service Team. He brought his experience and techniques from the world of front office banking into the course. Our team continued to practice and revise his course materials and after 3 months we saw a growth of 33% in monthly sales. Eugene’s training is definitely one of the key ingredient to the team’s leap in performance.

Jason Kow

Associate Marketing Director, GlaxoSmithKline

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Design Thinking Leadership

Design thinking has gone way beyond design per se, and has been applied successfully in businesses. It helps systematize decision making and innovation, and allows leaders to thrive in their workplace. The key to strong leadership is being able to constantly and consistently innovate around the disruptions that occurs both tangibly and intangibly.

I’ve known Eugene on a personal level for many years and know him to be extremely creative and engaging. This comes across strongly in his training sessions. There is never a dull moment and yet his key messages were sticky.

You know a training for your leadership team is successful when

a) the participants invite him to conduct training sessions for their own team members

b) the participants stand up in front of their teams and unconsciously speak the key messages from the training.

Beyond training we are also grateful to Eugene for partnering us in our CSR event. Not only did he work with us in the planning and facilitation, he also helped us debrief post event. This made a fulfilling day even more meaningful.

Junie Lim

Regional HR Manager, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

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Strategic Thinking for Leaders in the VUCA World

The new mantra of today’s successful organization is to “innovate or die an untimely death.” Flipping through the newspapers, it is obvious that being a large and well-established firm does not ensure survivability. The key to longevity is being able to constantly and consistently innovate around the disruptions that occurs both tangibly and intangibly. Competition is abundant and for your organisation to survive you need to learn come up with new and innovative ideas to keep it from becoming redundant.

It’s easy to say, but challenging to execute. The essential first step is to adopt STRATEGIC THINKING.

What is strategic thinking and how does it help you innovate and solve problems? This program is designed to help you acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude for enhanced critical thinking, strategic frameworks and greater innovation.

I’ve been working with Eugene in multiple occasions, both in a corporate group settings and personally as part of my own development. It has been a great experience each time thanks to Eugene’s leadership and ability to push everyone beyond his or her own limits.

He has an excellent understanding of personal and professional development, and gets along with people very well. He has had an impressive development in his professional career, and he remains open to new thinking. He is a very valuable resource for leaders and their teams.

Oxana Martynova

Head of L&D, KPMG Lower Gulf

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Building a Synergistic & Resilience Culture with Positive Communication

Many of workplace unhappiness are kept among staffs or self and it becomes a vicious and toxic cycle, which affects morale at work. This unhappiness is mainly caused by miscommunication (poor or insufficient communication) and mismanagement of relationships (peer-to-peer & supervisor-to-subordinate). Knowing how to communicate well and recognising different personality types can have a significant impact on an individual’s or team’s success.

One of a kind trainer. Eugene’s style is not just captivating but also effective using practical, simple activities that will blow your mind enabling you to use both left and right brain. Professional inhandling complex modules with the intention to drive the participants to be on next level.

Jinelle San Miguel

Quality Project Managment Officer, Continental Automotive Pte Ltd

Trainium personal branding training

Superbrand Me: Gaining An Unfair Advantage Through The Power Of Personal Branding

The perception of you is a direct result of how you project yourself. Every successful person is perceived for his expertise or his achievements because of how he projects his personal brand.

Whatever you are saying or even NOT saying projects your personal brand. A personal brand is even more important when you’re looking to attract more prospects rather than out hunting for them through cold calls. Your brand, be it online or offline, hold a huge standing before even any forms of interaction because of how you are being perceived.

This program is customized for the participants to help them discover their brand identity and project them as an impactful personal brand to attract more leads.

Personal-Branding workshop opened new insights into my career and life. Eugene’s life story encouraged me to define my life purpose and fulfilment, not living others’ perceptions. Questions he asked rekindled my hidden dreams and motivation. I was fascinated by his energy and humour with practical and simple tools. I will remember his talks while I am going through trial and errors. I appreciate your support and guides when I needed the most.

Olivia Kim

Senior Event Associate, Pier One Sydney Harbour

Trainium personal branding training

Cross Cultural Business Negotiation Skills

Negotiating is something we need to do every day whether we like it or not. Although people often think of boardrooms, suits, and million dollar deals when they hear the word negotiation, the truth is that we negotiate all the time. It doesn’t have to involve contracts or business deals. It might be dealing with housekeeping chores, getting more office space or needing that crucial day off work for a family event.

More serious negotiation involved closing that lucrative deal that will bring in more income to your organization, creating a win-win situation with your customers. Business negotiation gets even trickier when it involves cross cultural differences.

Through this program, participants will be able to understand the basic types of negotiations, the phases of negotiations, and the skills needed for successful negotiating.  You will also be imparted with the skills on managing conflicting situation during negotiation.


Eugene is a giving person with a very unique and interesting way of connecting to his clients and audience.

His presence and humour helps impart stronger recollection and uses very valid and easy to understand examples to get his message across.

I really enjoyed Eugene’s talk because it addresses some vital skills, backs it up with examples and encourages us to act immediately on these tips and tricks. Thanks for your help Eugene.

Nicole Hu

Operations & Purchasing Specialist, JLL

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