Beyond Covid-19: Mindset transformation and antifragile approach



Beyond Covid-19: Mindset transformation and the antifragile approach

Why mindset transformation is crucial?

The root of any winning team comes from their core; a powerful and strong clarity and belief in their passion and mission in doing what they do. When the team collectively pursues a passion and mission they hold strongly to, they will propel forward with the most effective, energized and self-motivated drive to succeed.

Fun, emotionally charged and motivational – team members who attend this training will be ready to charge ahead and do their best in their work. This session is designed to touch the heart, intrigue the head and empower the hands – highly motivational and practical, providing the team with a toolbox full of specific techniques to overcome challenges at work and in life

Learning outcome


Uncovering your blindspots and thinking policies


Discovering macro trends and VUCA disruptions


Learning how to learn : The 7 levels of thinking


Mindset transformation - The power of inner dialogue


The antifragile approach to future-readiness

Training content

Module 1: Blind spots

Through a specially designed game, participants will discover blind spots in their thinking and beliefs, that sabotage their outcomes.

Module 2: Macro Trends

The coach will share the latest macro trends that will affect the participants’ work processes and facilitate a case study discussion on how to manage change.

Module 3: 7 Levels of Thinking

Participants will learn the 7 levels of thinking through a curated experience involving multiple senses.

Module 4: Inner Dialogue

The coach will facilitate an engaging role play to hone the inner dialogue skills of the participants so that they can motivate themselves in any situation.

Module 5: Antifragile

Participants will break up into small groups to discuss how to apply the anti-fragile approach to their current disruptions and challenges.

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