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Dr Raman

Strategic Learning Advisor

Eugene Seah 

Eugene Seah is one of Singapore’s most engaging, entertaining and effective trainers specialising in personal branding, influential leadership, consultative sales and effective team communications.

He serves as the Executive Member of the Asia Professional Speakers, which helps to raise professional training standards in Asia.
He has been interviewed by various media including TV, radio and the newspapers for his expert views.

Eugene is effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin, and is certified by the American Board of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and International Coach Federation (ICF), two of the most powerful organisations specializing in persuasion and influence.

Eugene is well versed in a multitude of profiling tools including DiSC, MBTI and Emergenetics, and is passionate in helping leaders to develop effective management strategies to lead staff across different thinking and behaviour preferences.

Eugene’s wealth of leadership expertise came from his extensive experience working for listed companies and multinationals, managing and motivating cross-cultural and multigenerational teams in managing change, driving business results, business development, project management and sales growth.

Mike Li
While most of his peers were in high-flying positions, Mike was still in a government job, hogging on to his “iron rice bowl”. Feeling unfulfilled, he embarked on a mission to develop people to their fullest potential and raise training & coaching standards in Singapore.

Today, Mike has coached, trained and spoken to thousands regionally despite his relatively young age, having coached a wide range of demography from students to C-Level Executives. He breaks all limiting beliefs behind thriving in an industry that places a huge emphasis on age and transferable skills and experience.

Mike is effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin, and specialises in bridging human connections in a digital world, leadership branding and career development planning.

Mike is a certified Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) and International Coaching Federation (ICF) coach having trained and coached both SMEs and MNCs across the region. He is also a certified Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF), the gold standard for career coaching.

Liu Yuan Tai

Yuantai Liu is a coach and speaker who inspires organizations and teams to discover true happiness.

Yuantai has served in the Executive Committee as a grassroots leader in the People’s Association and spearheaded various community projects and initiatives.

He specializes in corporate and personal happiness projects so that leaders and employees become more motivated and engaged at work.

His clients include business owners, corporate executives as well as health care professionals from private and public sectors. He is able to connect well with people of different ages, from millennials to the middle-aged.

Yuantai has also been featured in the media. His extensive work experience for both MNCs and SME companies has enabled him to better understand the challenges that managers face in terms of communication and teamwork.


Alistair Chong

Alistair has always nurtured a passion for developing relationships and growing people. Having spent most of his professional career in sales, he helps others navigate obstacles while combining a deep sense of empathy with a hefty (but healthy) dose of pragmatism.

Alistair earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Rhetoric and Leadership in California. Subsequently, he gained a great deal of experience in corporate and retail sales as the top performing campaign managing in a regional marketing firm. With a deep-seated passion for tapping into every individual’s full potential, Alistair pioneered a system of Strength/Empathy Based Training for his company, Smart Circle International LLC, resulting in up to a twofold increase in employee performance.

After returning to Singapore, Alistair took up business development roles in the corporate and non-profit sector. Though his primary trade was sales, his desire to train, teach, and coach has always emerged one way or another. This desire spurred him to take on multiple training roles and develop new systems of learning wherever he was. Eventually he decided to leave his past of sales behind to pursue his core passion: working with people to unlock their true potential.

In pursuit of this passion, Alistair specialises in mindfulness coaching, mediation, and relationship building. His dedication towards building relationships has constantly driven him to become a better coach, mentor, and friend. Alistair is certified in Conflict Resolution and Mediation at Pepperdine University’s Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution, America’s top conflict resolution institute.

Alvin Chin

Alvin Chin is a speaker, coach and sales performance trainer.
Alvin held senior executive positions in various multinational companies. He brought with him more than 25 years in the corporate world and has many successes in growing, transforming and scaling businesses in the companies he worked for, having won multiple top sales achievement awards in his career.
Throughout his career, Alvin was puzzled as to why some of his channel partners do well and others do not. He discovered that there is one commonality in all those who are successful. The secret is that the successful ones have embarked on regular coaching and motivational sessions with him in which he imparts his unique sales persuasion techniques on a one on one basis as well as in a group setting. Alvin derives incredible satisfaction when he see positive results and successes in the people he coached. Some of these had gone on to be successful senior executives in their organisations and some have become business owners.
Alvin is a certified TUV Rheinland Functional Safety Engineer and have delivered numerous public talks on safety in international safety forums and conferences. He is known for his humour, storytelling and engaging impactful speeches. He has the ability to bring to life a dry topic such as safety in his speeches.
He is a trained practitioner in Situational Leadership, Consultative Selling, C-level Selling, SPIN Selling, and Strategic Selling in complex sales. He hold a Bachelor Degree in Business (Major in Management) from Latrobe University, Australia.
Alvin believes everyone has the superpower within them to inspire, persuade and motivate. He wants to help people to unearth their superpower, to achieve their dreams and to lead successful fulfilling lives.
His favourite inspiration quote from Les Brown becomes his motto in life. “Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours” Les Brown

Valerie Ting

Valerie is a heart-focused coach who focuses on empowering her clients with clarity and joy. Through the intensity of wisdom that lies within her words and videos, she has gained a reputation as a sharp young woman who catches what people need to hear for themselves, in order to effectively move them towards where they want to be for themselves.

Valerie possesses experience beyond her youth, having led and facilitated experiential learning experiences for students, leaders, and young adults for several years. She has a proven competency in delivering content and navigating participants through a diversity of topics, with flexibility in her delivery methods to best cater to the character of whoever she is working with.

In her third year of pursuing a degree in Psychology in NUS, and a student under the prestigious University Scholars Programme, Valerie manages to find time to also be a writer, video content creator, facilitator, tutor, a certified NLP Practitioner, and financial coach.

Chris Chan

Chris started his sales career as an Agent with The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company, in Malaysia. Over a period of 7 years, Chris achieved 4 promotions, from Agent to Inspector of Agents, Agency Supervisor,  Divisional Sales Officer and Divisional Sales Manager. In the process Chris also achieved the company’s ‘Blue Ribbon’award.

Chris then moved over to the corporate side, joining AIG, Malaysia as their Country Agency Manager. Chris was tasked with implementing a new Captive Agency program, the first of its kind not just in Malaysia but in Asia. The company designed and introduced their own ‘Professional Selling System’ training both Agency Managers and Agents.

After building up the Agency program for 5 years, Chris was seconded to AIG, China as the National Agency Director. Based out of Shanghai, Chris built Direct Sales Teams in all the cities that AIG was licensed to operate, such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and Panyu.

Chris was subsequently requested by the company to return to Malaysia to take over the Accident & Health, Profit Center. As the newly promoted Vice President, Chris was tasked with turning the Profit Center around. Chris went about restructuring the department, setting new goals, launching new products, running sales campaigns, recruiting new talent as well as develop talent for the bench. Over a period of 5 years, working together with his team of dedicated staff, the Profit Center grew by more than 150% in sales, with an average net profit margin of  15%. 

Chris then took on a regional sales and distribution role with AXA. Based out of Malaysia as the Senior Executive Vice President, Chris responsibilities cover 6 countries in the region, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China. Best practices were developed and shared across the region, such as recruiting profile, sales campaigns, trainings, managing incentive trips, cross-selling, MIS etc.

Chris next posting was to Indonesia as the Head of Distribution of ACE Jaya Proteksi ( now CHUBB). Based out of Jakarta, Chris was responsible for 28 branches across Indonesia as well as building new agency teams. Chris introduced a new sales culture to the company, with clear goals and accountability, replacing ‘deadwood’ managers with ‘’hungry’’managers. A new incentive scheme was also put in place for productive managers.

Chris was fortunate enough to be taught and developed by the best in the industry. He is more than willing to give back and share his knowledge and experience in turn.


Kerrie Phipps

Kerrie Phipps is an inspiring and energetic communicator whose passion is connecting and empowering Difference-Makers and Leaders. Kerrie loves facilitating new thinking, to generate insights and turning-point conversations. Creating new connections deepens learning and connectedness. Connecting with others is essential for thriving in life and business.

Kerrie is an International Speaker, Author and Coach. Immersing herself in leadership and executive coach training for over 10 years, Kerrie also mentored and trained hundreds of new coaches, wrote for magazines and published 4 of her own books, co-authored another 10 books. Kerrie now mentors authors and speakers to increase their clarity and confidence and speaks to audiences across the world to confidently connect with anyone, anywhere.

With 20 years experience in mentoring, coaching and speaking, Kerrie brings unique insights and questions to unlock ideas that empower her clients to make a bigger difference in the world.

She lives and works across Asia Pacific, enjoying a fabulous balance of country and city life and connecting with people everywhere.

Varuna Gupta

Varuna is enthusiastic about helping bring out the best in people through workshops on a range of interpersonal topics. She has a strong focus on group sharing and creative activities, which leads to higher energy, active participation, and stronger concept retention in the classroom.

She has conducted workshops for different types of organisations and age groups. Her participants include mid-career professionals from multinational companies, public sector entities, educational organisations and students from reputed schools and higher learning institutions in Singapore. Some of well-known companies with whom she has worked include Kuehne+Nagel, Singapore General Hospital, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Public Utilities Board, Global Indian International School, National Library Board, Caterpillar Inc and Germaxco.

Varuna is widely travelled and has over a decade of diverse working experience in banking, real estate and investment advisory. This has contributed immensely to her experience in client relations, customer management, team/group dynamics, and cross-cultural interaction. She holds an MBA degree from NMIMS (India), ACTA certification from Singapore; and a certificate in ‘Teaching Drama and Speech’ from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore.

Dr Raman

Dr Raman K Attri is a speaker, author and an expert on “speeding up expertise” with over 25 years of international experience in research, training, business, management, and leadership.

He is one among a handful of global experts specializing in implementing proven competitive strategies that can reduce time to proficiency of employees, teams, managers and leaders.

A recognized global learning leader, he served $25bn technology corporation, named as one among world’s top 5 training organizations. He coaches on methodologies to design and deliver training programs to develop employees with higher-order complex problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.

An experienced scientist and an accomplished business researcher, he shares research-based best practices, models and frameworks to address daunting performance problems at the workplace.

Passionate about learning, he earned two doctorates, equipped with over 100 international credentials, degrees, diplomas, and certifications and nominated for highest certified designations including Certified Project Director.

A prolific author of 18 multi-genre books, he loves to reveal in-depth perspectives on human learning, self-help, capabilities, performance, leadership, management, business, and training.

An inspiring individual, living with permanent polio paralysis, he is on a mission to inspire people to transform failures into fame, adversities into advantages, crisis into courage and disability into desirability.

As a speaker, he shares his insights on topics like of power of human potential, accelerating learning and shares his research and experience of speeding up personal., professional and organizational performance.