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Eugene Seah, Leadership and mindset corporate trainer

Eugene Seah

Chief Executive Officer

Leon See, corporate trainer singapore

Leon See


Timothy Thevathasan

Timothy Thevathasan


May Ng

May Ng

Chief Risk Officer

Yuan Tai, corporate trainer and founder of happy man club

Liu Yuantai

Chief Technical Officer

Malvin Tok

Dane Tang

Chief Transformation Officer

Malvin Tok

Malvin Tok

Head Of Youth Engagement


Ajit Varghese Abraham

Senior Executive Coach

Kerrie Phipps

Senior Consultant, Australia

Varuna, Corporate Trainer Singapore

Varuna Gupta

Senior Consultant, Singapore

Dr Raman, Strategic Learning Advisor

Dr Raman

Strategic Learning Advisor

Paul F. Weintraub

Managing Director Of Trainium Americas

Eugene Seah, Top Corporate Trainer Singapore

Eugene Seah 

Eugene Seah is one of Singapore’s most engaging, entertaining and effective trainers specialising in personal branding, influential leadership, consultative sales and effective team communications.

He serves as the Executive Member of the Asia Professional Speakers, which helps to raise professional training standards in Asia.
He has been interviewed by various media including TV, radio and the newspapers for his expert views.

Eugene is effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin, and is certified by the American Board of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and International Coach Federation (ICF), two of the most powerful organisations specializing in persuasion and influence.

Eugene is well versed in a multitude of profiling tools including DiSC, MBTI and Emergenetics, and is passionate in helping leaders to develop effective management strategies to lead staff across different thinking and behaviour preferences.

Eugene’s wealth of leadership expertise came from his extensive experience working for listed companies and multinationals, managing and motivating cross-cultural and multigenerational teams in managing change, driving business results, business development, project management and sales growth.

leon see, Coach and Corporate Trainer

Leon See

Leon is a firm believer that the core of understanding an individual is to listen to them first. People can be quick to dismiss the challenges that others are facing, without first being aware of their unique circumstances.

Having overcome an episode of depression in his teenage years, Leon understands the need for more empathy and awareness within the community. He strongly feels that support is a necessity, especially within the fast-paced city state of Singapore.

Leon graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy from the Singapore Management University. He began his career in Deloitte & Touche LLP; one of the prestigious Big 4 accounting firms, as an external auditor. Hardworking and dedicated, Leon led various teams and was consistently recognized as a High Performer, and earmarked to be a future leader.

Throughout his tenure, Leon developed a deeper sense of passion in coaching, mentoring and guiding.
He took great pride in seeing his peers and mentees achieve breakthroughs in their mindsets with his advice. This deeply fulfilling experience switched on a light bulb, and he took a leap of faith.

Leon left his pursuit of the corporate life and decided to follow his passion for coaching.
He specialises in the concept he terms as Mental Wealth, which focuses on coaching individuals to manage both their Mental State and Finances. His current mission is to impact one million people around the world and help them find abundance.

Timothy Thevathasan

Timothy Thevathasan

Timothy Thevathasan is an insurance veteran with over 15 years of experience in various portfolios including business development, account management, sales management and strategic planning.


Throughout his career, Timothy has played a pivotal role in managing teams that handled several multi-million corporate clients, insurance intermediaries and the exclusive high net-worth individuals and their families. He has spearheaded several product launches and conducted training for internal agencies as well as independent financial advisers, insurance brokers and private bankers. 


Given his vast wealth of experience, Timothy is widely viewed as a subject matter expert in the insurance industry. He has been frequently invited to speak at local and overseas conferences in Singapore and Hong Kong. 

Timothy has always been open to exploring opportunities. After leaving a senior management position as Regional Head for a top international insurance broker, he started his own F&B business. But as his passion has always been to help individuals and families achieve financial freedom and live life to the fullest, Timothy recently returned to the insurance industry in an advisory capacity.

With more qualifications under his belt – he has been certified by the American Board of Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) and attained the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP), Timothy now also imparts his knowledge in the areas of Sales, Leadership and Management skills through training and coaching.

May Ng

May Ng

Being in the industry of insurance & reinsurance for close to 25 years, it frustrates me to note how many people ignore their risks.

Hence I made it my personal mission to highlight risks faced by families and help them come up with risk management strategies through life coaching and financial planning.

For businesses, I help to identify and place their insurable risks in the most optimum way to achieve better risk mitigation and improve their balance sheets.
Using a customized framework for R.I.S.K.

I.dentify priorities
let’s take this first step to addressing and managing your risks!

yuan Tai, Corporate Trainer Singapore

Liu Yuan Tai

Yuantai Liu is a coach and speaker who inspires organizations and teams to discover true happiness.

Yuantai has served in the Executive Committee as a grassroots leader in the People’s Association and spearheaded various community projects and initiatives.

He specializes in corporate and personal happiness projects so that leaders and employees become more motivated and engaged at work.

His clients include business owners, corporate executives as well as health care professionals from private and public sectors. He is able to connect well with people of different ages, from millennials to the middle-aged.

Yuantai has also been featured in the media. His extensive work experience for both MNCs and SME companies has enabled him to better understand the challenges that managers face in terms of communication and teamwork.


yuan Tai, Corporate Trainer Singapore

Dane Tang

Dane Tang has 20+ years of experience across industries in Oil & Gas, FMCG, Medical, Retail and F&B. She has helmed various leadership roles in Fortune 500 MNCs and is a proud alumni of Shell, L’Oreal and Johnson & Johnson. She was a global business leader with extensive experience spanning Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Europe.

Passionate about driving transformation and customer-centricity, Dane holds a strong track record in delivering high growth for organisations through strategic planning, marketing, innovation and leadership development.
Dane’s mission is to inspire and help individuals, communities and organisations to flourish and reach their best potential. She specialises in Transformation, Potential, Mindset and Leadership as a Consultant, Coach, Trainer and Speaker.

Dane has completed an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coach training program and she combines her training on HAPPY™ coaching system with Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) principles to empower organisations and individuals to reach their full potential.

Malvin Tok

Malvin Tok

Malvin Tok is an NLP-certified zillennial coach and speaker who is passionate in empowering the young adults in navigating a fast-paced VUCA world.

Malvin leverages on the powerful mindset tool called Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) to help youths achieve a coherent life – balancing joy, fulfilment and meaning.

In an increasingly connected online world, Malvin observes an increase in social disconnect among youths; a greater incoherence between their thoughts, feelings and actions.

Malvin once experienced this incoherence in his own life and was able to take significant steps forward using neuroscience and through the help of mentors.

He now wants to pay it forward, by coaching and mentoring 10,000 youths globally who are in the same situation, through using his battle-tested Coherence Framework.


Ajit Varghese Abraham

Ajit Varghese Abraham is a media professional whose passion is ‘People’. With more than two decades of experience in media sales and branding, he has clients whom he now counts as friends.

Armed with two Masters – in Economics and Mass Communications, Ajit was driven to pursue a certification in ACTA, to follow his passion to develop people. Ajit is comfortable going into corporate settings for coaching given his extensive experience working with corporates. He also consulted with various SMEs in Singapore to improve their basic productivity focusing on core business attributes. While these projects were deep dives into the core of the organisations, they brought immense satisfaction and enhanced Ajit’s belief of the benefits of consultative coaching.

Ajit’s interaction with a wide range of people from all demographics and background have given him insights into what makes people tick. In addition, his corporate experiences give him a wide coverage on sales team management and business development. Through relevant stories, personal insights, and interaction with the people around him, Ajit can bring out core fundamentals to develop people. 

Paul Weintraub

Paul Weintraub

Paul F. Weintraub, CAE, is the Founder and Managing Director of Trainium Americas, where he capitalizes on his 25+ years of leadership experience to help professionals to build resiliency and master their unique elements of success through guided self-improvement, personality assessment, training courses, and motivational speaking.

As a visionary and growth-oriented executive leader, Weintraub, addressed a need by establishing and incorporating The Fridays @ 4 Society. This society serves as a conduit for association and nonprofit professionals looking to enhance their career, find their next opportunity, and expand their network with like-minded individuals.

No stranger to public speaking, Weintraub delivers engaging presentations in person and virtually, in English and Spanish. Presenting at association and industry events in the US and abroad on topics from technology, growth, and globalization strategies to building organizational resiliency through strategic planning and personal development by mastering elements of success.

Kerrie Phipps

Kerrie Phipps is an inspiring and energetic communicator whose passion is connecting and empowering Difference-Makers and Leaders. Kerrie loves facilitating new thinking, to generate insights and turning-point conversations. Creating new connections deepens learning and connectedness. Connecting with others is essential for thriving in life and business.

Kerrie is an International Speaker, Author and Coach. Immersing herself in leadership and executive coach training for over 10 years, Kerrie also mentored and trained hundreds of new coaches, wrote for magazines and published 4 of her own books, co-authored another 10 books. Kerrie now mentors authors and speakers to increase their clarity and confidence and speaks to audiences across the world to confidently connect with anyone, anywhere.

With 20 years experience in mentoring, coaching and speaking, Kerrie brings unique insights and questions to unlock ideas that empower her clients to make a bigger difference in the world.

She lives and works across Asia Pacific, enjoying a fabulous balance of country and city life and connecting with people everywhere.

Varuna, Corporate Trainer

Varuna Gupta

Varuna is enthusiastic about helping bring out the best in people through workshops on a range of interpersonal topics. She has a strong focus on group sharing and creative activities, which leads to higher energy, active participation, and stronger concept retention in the classroom.

She has conducted workshops for different types of organisations and age groups. Her participants include mid-career professionals from multinational companies, public sector entities, educational organisations and students from reputed schools and higher learning institutions in Singapore. Some of well-known companies with whom she has worked include Kuehne+Nagel, Singapore General Hospital, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Public Utilities Board, Global Indian International School, National Library Board, Caterpillar Inc and Germaxco.

Varuna is widely travelled and has over a decade of diverse working experience in banking, real estate and investment advisory. This has contributed immensely to her experience in client relations, customer management, team/group dynamics, and cross-cultural interaction. She holds an MBA degree from NMIMS (India), ACTA certification from Singapore; and a certificate in ‘Teaching Drama and Speech’ from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore.

Dr Raman

Dr Raman K Attri is a speaker, author and an expert on “speeding up expertise” with over 25 years of international experience in research, training, business, management, and leadership.

He is one among a handful of global experts specializing in implementing proven competitive strategies that can reduce time to proficiency of employees, teams, managers and leaders.

A recognized global learning leader, he served $25bn technology corporation, named as one among world’s top 5 training organizations. He coaches on methodologies to design and deliver training programs to develop employees with higher-order complex problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.

An experienced scientist and an accomplished business researcher, he shares research-based best practices, models and frameworks to address daunting performance problems at the workplace.

Passionate about learning, he earned two doctorates, equipped with over 100 international credentials, degrees, diplomas, and certifications and nominated for highest certified designations including Certified Project Director.

A prolific author of 18 multi-genre books, he loves to reveal in-depth perspectives on human learning, self-help, capabilities, performance, leadership, management, business, and training.

An inspiring individual, living with permanent polio paralysis, he is on a mission to inspire people to transform failures into fame, adversities into advantages, crisis into courage and disability into desirability.

As a speaker, he shares his insights on topics like of power of human potential, accelerating learning and shares his research and experience of speeding up personal., professional and organizational performance.