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Within you is a hidden gem. Allow our trainers & coaches to polish you for success. The success you envision is within your grasp.


Let us place your success in your hands

We know what is needed after many individuals’ & organizations’ successful break through. We can do this for you. You just need the right shift.

It's time to play at the next level.

 With our unique F.U.N. methodology in training & delivery, each encounter will be a memorable experience. It will be a total mindset reframe.

5 Top Reasons Why Trainium Academy

is the Best Corporate Training Solution for You and Your Company

Rich in Personal Experiences

Our Trainers have more than 20 years of regional leadership experience combined, managing teams across countries. 

Well Versed in Many Industries & Cultures

5 years of corporate training for MNCs across various industries and countries.

Proprietary F.U.N. Methodology

Facilitation skills, Upbeat atmosphere and Neurologically stimulating content make all programmes fun and insightful.

High Relevance & Impact

Trainium Academy conducts pre-course surveys before all workshops to maximise the relevance and impact.

Deeply Engaging

 All participants feedback that they enjoyed Trainium Academy’s engaging facilitation and transfer of knowledge.

Our Founder, Eugene Seah, is well known as the “Mindset Speaker” – combining his NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) methods with his ability to tell relevant stories to inspire the audience.

Let us Help You Create Your Element of Success!

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